1. When they say “Cowards won’t show and the weak will die” in Alaska, it’s not a joke.


2. When You find a nice piece of flat and well marked trail out there – You are on a runway! – STAY OFF THE RUNWAY!


3. Do not poop on the trail


4. You get the best hotdogs IN THE WORLD in Rohn. And no – they don’t have a vegan option.


5. When the locals offer You directions – don’t listen. Hewitt Lake is pretty and all – but it’s not worth the bonus-milage.


6. Moose, Bear, Wolf and drunk snow-mobilers have right of way.


7. Those funny looking souvenirs/small bags with velcro, You find out on the trail are actually dogshit covered booties.


8. Peter’s “mancakes” does exits and they are HUGE.
You just have cross Akaska by foot or bike to get one.


9. If You can be Dave Johnston – ALLWAYS be Dave Johnston. If You can’t – PRETEND…


10. If a 58 year old grandmother can cruise to McGrath – So can You…

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